to one lounge


skirt: MGS lucky board items
swet shirts: to one lounge L$ 200
shades: Reek L$ 50 (old friday items)
hair kik L$ 100
shoes: hoorenbeek L$200 (SALE, Only for two days)
headband: NYLON OUTFITTERS L$150
earring: Diamond Flavour (old gift)
flower Ruck: izumiya L$80
bag: MGS L$5 per play.

stitched brooch: croire L$20 per play.
heart brooch: croire subcriber gift
Rainbow Donkey brooch: [ glow ] studio L$180
Owl Necklace: Happy Finds(old group gift)
Together Necklace: Yummy (Jewlery Grab Bag items) L$100
Square long necklacelace: MEZZO lucky board items

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