Albero Kawaii Hunt

Starting 3/19 – 4/2
Albero Kawaii Hunt
The kawaii hunt is hud based and you’ll be walking around
all of Albero to find 16 hunt objects using clues. Once your hud is filled ,
you can collect all of the prizes with the prize list.

hair : kin L$100
cardigan : FIR & MNA kawaii hunt gift
mini T.V : Tasty kawaii hunt gift
grey owl socks : Twosome L$1
shoes : BedlaM FPWTB hunt gift
tote bag : Milk Motion L$175
glasses : DUBOO L$80
ear warmers : (this store is no longer.)
stitched brooch (police): croire L$20 per play.

hair : kin L$100
top : NoiRiLiCiouS kawaii hunt gift
pants : *eha (this item is not available)
scarf : Milk Motion (old hunt gift)
tote bag : Milk Motion L$150
headband: NYLON OUTFITTERS L$150
shoes : hoorenbeek L$ 520
leggings : Source (LE.LOOK old gift)
stitched brooch (apple): croire L$20 per play.

necklace : DECO kawaii hunt gift
pink cupcake necklace : Caroline's Jewelry kawaii hunt gift
ring : mushroom, tea cup, poppy Awesome Blossom kawaii hunt gift
bandaid : Ouuch Berries free

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