blouse: .::Y&R::. Chiffon Blouse red free (LB item)

Costa Rica Welcome gift!
tops: Baiastice_Milly top
bag: ::: Septem Essentia ::: [Ludere] touto hand-bag_4tex-change

hair: .+*HS*+. Hair ::KIMY:: Latte (Move for F of Japan) L$120
bottoms: Emery - Denim Orchid Club #2 L$250
shoes: ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_White L$0
necklace: :+: nerveux :+:   .: Necklace :.  <secret 01> (this item is not available)
earring: -MonS Blur Earring Series Black (past gift)
ring: p.c;  Diamonds and Pearl Ring L$120
tatto: [CheerNo] Floral.TATOO (past CHIC Limited item)

Tres Blah


cardigan : Sleepy Eddy group gift (until March 28 Apr.4)
jeans : MichaMi L$ 1
tote bag : tb new member sub gift
shoes : hoorenbeek L$520
hair : Milana L$245
pose : -hmaem- & (pda)


Nylon Outfitters
onepiece: (NO) Ganesh Dress - Peach L$75 (project themeory item)
nacklace: (Yummy) Chained Heart Necklace L$180

on jacobus (left)
hair: *eha~Kitei Black Ash L$100
tights: BP* colorful border Tights/old (this item is not available)
shoes: *Kookie* Armarda/ Black Wash L$500

on cerise (right)
hair: Clawtooth You Say Tomato FREE gift
tights: Le Poppycock Lace Stockings* Huit (gacha L$25 per play)
shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps - Turquoise


on jacobus
earring: :: fore :: feathers Pierce bk*pr L$100
necklace: [NSD] The Rosary/Wood L$200
bracelet: [} Jasha {] Oceania Bracelet (Hot) (this item is not available)
ring: DECO - Green Milk Glass Ring (past event item,not available)
tatto: Garden of Ku Tattoo the tibetan Book_by GoK L$200
skin: .::Mother Goose's::. SOHAE_HELP JAPAN L$50 @Help Japan 

on cerise
earring: Paper Couture Studded Gold Circles L$150
bracelet: R.icielli - BIANCA bracelet #gold
tatto: DUBOO* my brother's rocket tattoo L$35

bindi: made by cerise :-)

cheap cheap

cheap cheap (REZZ ME) / FREE gift

cerise cerise
awesome! very cute gift.
you click to the plate, cupcakes, coffee.
(please touch the shelf object. from cheap cheap main shop!)
by The Rumor Blog

posters : cheap cheap SBS Posters 2 L$ 60

posters : cheap cheap L$ 50
frame : cheap cheap L$ 50


You Say Tomato

Ingenue Spring Sale (until March 26)


tops : Ingenue Sunday Morning Tee L$ 90 (sale)
skirt : Ingenue L$ 87 (sale)
pumps : HOC L$ 40
hair: !lamb subscribe gift
bracelet : R.icielli group gift
necklace : chuchulet L$1
tights : Paper Couture L$ 1
earrings : Paper Couture L$ 150
pose : SLC


skirt : Ingenue L$ 87 (sale)
hair : Clawtooth You Say Tomato FREE gift
bow : Pig (old hunt gift)
socks : arai FREE gift
shoes : hoorenbeek L$ 520
beret : !lamb. beret
pose : *hmaem* & DZ

glasses : B@R L$ 100

Granny's Roses


E U P H O R I A Spring Sale 3DAYS 26 - 28 MAR

skirt : The Secret Store L$ 50 (E U P H O R I A sale)
necklace : LaGyo L$50 (E U P H O R I A sale)
tee : RUDE REBEL L$ 88
floral Pumps : Paper Couture L$ 150
hair : (fd) L$ 350
pose : olive & posies


Sunday Morning


Ingenue Spring Sale (until March 26)

tops : Ingenue Sunday Morning Tee L$ 90 (sale)
sneakers : [m] L$ 50 (E U P H O R I A Spring Sale)
jeans : Surf Couture L$ 150
pose : EverGlow


tops : Ingenue Sunday Morning Tee L$ 90 (sale)
pumps : [elikatira] L$ 180
chino pants : arai L$ 180
pose : EverGlow


hair : kik Ken (ginger) L$ 100



Ingenue  Spring Sale (until March 26)
skirt: Ingenue :: Pivoine :: Mer L$87 (sale price)
shoes: Ingenue :: Citron :: Cherry L$137 (sale price)

hair: (Posh)  ; Miss ; Hazelnut ; L$50
headaccesary: MIEL AM TULIP headband - CHAMPAGNE (past subscribe gift)
tops: BP* border shirts/boat neck/trico (this item is not available)
bow: (Royal Blue) Bow Good TImes Necklace in Duo 3 (past subscribe gift)
tatoo: >IMANI< Lace Tattoo (store closed for unlimited time)


awesome free AO !!
pose: ORACLE AX-001 Basically Girl L$0
(free distribution period is until May 19, 2011)

and there is another free AO for boys

My vintage fringe dress

hair: Dernier Cri L$ 245
boots : hoorenbeek L$ 520
top : Milk Motion L$ 225
jeans : savvy avvvy L$ 50 (Outlet item)
feathers necklace : [ glow ] studio L$57 (TDR Blue item)
coincase : graph L$ 1
concho : graph L$ 1
pose : croire & posies




jeans : COOL BEANS group gift
hair : love selection pack with HUD L$70 (TFG #4 item)
tee : RUDE REBEL L$88
sandal : Surf Couture L$200
pose : (EXIT)

tee : arnadi L$100
jeans : CandyDoll DIMH2 gift
shoes : c Eins free (45min camp item)
pose : (EXIT)

Albero Kawaii Hunt

Starting 3/19 – 4/2
Albero Kawaii Hunt
The kawaii hunt is hud based and you’ll be walking around
all of Albero to find 16 hunt objects using clues. Once your hud is filled ,
you can collect all of the prizes with the prize list.

hair : kin L$100
cardigan : FIR & MNA kawaii hunt gift
mini T.V : Tasty kawaii hunt gift
grey owl socks : Twosome L$1
shoes : BedlaM FPWTB hunt gift
tote bag : Milk Motion L$175
glasses : DUBOO L$80
ear warmers : (this store is no longer.)
stitched brooch (police): croire L$20 per play.

hair : kin L$100
top : NoiRiLiCiouS kawaii hunt gift
pants : *eha (this item is not available)
scarf : Milk Motion (old hunt gift)
tote bag : Milk Motion L$150
headband: NYLON OUTFITTERS L$150
shoes : hoorenbeek L$ 520
leggings : Source (LE.LOOK old gift)
stitched brooch (apple): croire L$20 per play.

necklace : DECO kawaii hunt gift
pink cupcake necklace : Caroline's Jewelry kawaii hunt gift
ring : mushroom, tea cup, poppy Awesome Blossom kawaii hunt gift
bandaid : Ouuch Berries free



tops: NANUK  johan tee det var jag (subscribe gift)

hair: Clawtooth : Beg Your Pardon - Coco L$275
bottoms: .:VILLENA:.  - Baggy Pants Black L$170
suspender: WRONG - Suspenders (stars) (this store is no longer)
shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Vaider - Black&Colors L$520


earring: Willow ~ Full Feather Earrings (ALBERO Kawaii Hunt gift)
ring: LaGyo _Butterfly love ring gold (ALBERO Kawaii Hunt gift)
necklace: Modd.G Modd.G Horoscope Necklace {Gemini} (gacha L$50 per play)
tatoo: AITUI AITUI TATTOO - Always... L$150
nail: -tb- Nail Colour (Black) L$75 (set of 20 colors)



tunic: [PCF] AOHARU_OffShoulderGauzeTunic_Red L$100 @Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

hair: [OH] ALEX - ASH BROWN L$100
tops: *eha~ Where Is The Line Pullover GRAY (This item is not available)
bottoms: [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts - Blue L$115
tights: {nestle my bosom} peacock tights - sheer L$75
shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Olea Boots - Worn (past FLF item)


glasses: &Bean - Recession Street Bargain Glasses Crustian Deoder (This item is not available)
earrings: TDR Blue Special - Long feather earrings (past TDR Blue item)
scarf: oompa. clementine.scarf.francais L$75
nail: Oo FLUFFY oO Neu Nailz - Autum Leaves - 01 Maroon (10min camp item)
bag: (Milk Motion) My navajo bag (past FLF item)

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

@Pacific Crisis Fundraiser
skirt:{Bingo} Felicia II Red Set L$80
shoes:[Gos] Posh Bootie - Pink L$200(Exclucive price)

hair: [kik] hair-Karen(coffee) L$100
cardigan: (Milk Motion) My cardigan (old FLF item)
blouse: -LMk- Lavaliere collared satin blouse (cream) (store is closed)
socks: +:::+Natural+:::+ mignon_White L$10
glasses: [kik] megane01_B_6colors L$40
nail: .+*FLUFFY*+. Neu Nailz - Rainbow!! Multi Colored 02 L$50

Sheep Door


overall : Sheep Door lucky board items
tee : (fd) L$75
short boots : GIEREH group gift
socks :picnic L$35
tote bag : Milk Motion L$150
leggings : croire L$40
necklace: NYLON OUTFITTERS yummy L$180
Cream Frappe : Love Soul L$35 per play.
headband: NYLON OUTFITTERS L$150
Bracelet:armidi L$135
hair:Milana L$245



boots:hoorenbeek L$200 (SALE, Only for two days)
best:thimbles L$100
top:cupcake L$15
skirt:awram-viie L$1

hair:Milana L$245
Bracelet:armidi L$135
necklace:NYLON OUTFITTERS yummy L$180

to one lounge


skirt: MGS lucky board items
swet shirts: to one lounge L$ 200
shades: Reek L$ 50 (old friday items)
hair kik L$ 100
shoes: hoorenbeek L$200 (SALE, Only for two days)
headband: NYLON OUTFITTERS L$150
earring: Diamond Flavour (old gift)
flower Ruck: izumiya L$80
bag: MGS L$5 per play.

stitched brooch: croire L$20 per play.
heart brooch: croire subcriber gift
Rainbow Donkey brooch: [ glow ] studio L$180
Owl Necklace: Happy Finds(old group gift)
Together Necklace: Yummy (Jewlery Grab Bag items) L$100
Square long necklacelace: MEZZO lucky board items



floral pants : {MV} L$ 50
swet : to one lounge L$ 200
shades: Reek L$ 50 (old friday items)
boots : COCO DESIGNS L$ 300
ring : Pepper L$1
westbag : Reek payplay.
concho : graph L$1

hair : Milana L$245



top: NuDoLu L$60
hair: Dernier Cri L$245
headband: TFG old group gift
pants: RUDE REBEL open gift
nail: MonS group gift

flower flat: mocha L$30 per play.
fringe sandal: chuchulet L$1


hair: Clawtooth : Saint Patrick's Day Gift L$1
tattoo : YaYo FPWTB hunt gift
Echo necklace : MIEL L$50 (50L friday items)
bird necklace : CONCRETE FLOWERS DIMH2 hunt gift
feather earrings: TD free gift