pick a Strawberry

Flea Market & Strawberry Hunt
table & chair: [*Art Dummy!]  Primary Yellow L$10
teacup: [*Art Dummy!] stacked cups and strawberries. FREE (hunt item)
lamp: [*Art Dummy!] Propelled Set - Propelled (Small Star Capsules) L$10 (set price)
frame: LISP Mint Frame & LISP Lilac Frame (no available?)

hair: aurora hair 002  L$100
tops: Kyoot - Last Thread Tank - Blue (s) FREE
skirt: [LeLutka] -SOPHIE skirt/brona
shoes: [LWL] Geological Flats (platinum) L$250
leg tatoo: :pesca: tatoo seal/button FREE (groupgift)
head accessorry: *LODE* GIFT Hat - For Me Alone FREE (subscribe gift)
Kozmetika Summer Event 2011(June 18 @ 6am SLT through June 20th @ 6am SLT.)
on top (left to right)
makeup: Grix. - Body Shoppe - Vapid - Blush (100%) - Grixdale. Big Box of  - Ren Skin L$0
makeup: drm eyeshadow: sorbet glitter Kozmetika gift (doremi 2 of 3) L$1
makeup: [ a.e.meth ] - Applecheek Blush (Purple D)  - Kozmetika Gift L$0
              cheLLe - (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full) L$0

on middle (left to right)
makeup: (Ag) Sunscreen freebie L$0
makeup: PIDIDDLE Cosmetics - Forever Fresh // Poppy Seed  - Kozmetika Summer Event Gift L$0
makeup: Grix. - Body Shoppe - Oops - Basic L$0

on bottom (left to right)
makeup: *BOOM* Boom-badoom-Boom Lashed L$0
makeup: Smokey Eyes Dollarbie Kozmetika from CandyDoll L$0
makeup: drm eyeshadow: red rage Kozmetika gift (doremi 1 of 3) L$1

・・・and more new makeups & freebies !!!<333

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